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Enter to WIN a FREE 1 Day Rental

1-Take a picture of your group with our van

2-Upload your picture to be entered into the contest

See our Facebook page for more details! The public has a month to vote on their favorite picture. 3 finalists will be selected by State Van Rental and can be influenced by voting. Please see the official rules for details and don't forget to 'Like' us on Facebook!

*Offer cannot be combined with any other discount or offer. Picture must be uploaded within 1 week of return date.

As the preeminent vehicle rental company in California, State Van Rental is happy to offer both new and returning customers Los Angeles van rental discounts. With fresh and varied coupons and specials, State Van Rental strives to be your friendliest and most economical vehicle rental solution no matter if you are touring with your band, traveling with your church group, or road tripping with friends.


Special Group Discounts

The particular discounts we offer often depend on the nature of your trip. State Van Rental realizes how important bonding and team building is and we are always to look for ways to nurture the growth of community and friendship. We feel that church groups and other non-profit groups often hold that same vision.

While they may change regularly, State Van Rental’s Los Angeles van rental discounts commonly focus on providing discounted rates to church and not-for-profit groups. As always, these groups are also tax exempt when renting a vehicle from State Van Rental.


Same Great Features

You can always count on the same convenience that we offer all groups when you use a discounted rate. You will have the option of selecting a van that suits the specific amount of passengers you will have on your trip and you are guaranteed a van that is ready to go when you are. Each vehicle is rigorously maintained to ensure the highest standards for each client. Frequent inspections, level checks, and new purchases allow us to boast about our proven phenomenal fleet of vans.

When you take advantage of State Van Rental’s Los Angeles van rental discounts, you ensure a safe, enjoyable ride. Traveling the Los Angeles area, or any part of Southern California for that matter, can be a difficult task - especially when traveling with a large group. Renting a van eliminates the fear of one caravanning vehicle getting lost in traffic and finding multiple places to park once you have reached your destination.


Friendly Service

State Van Rental provides all clients with first-rate customer service that you just won’t receive elsewhere. If you have a question about particular discounts or coupons for your traveling group, or simply need help figuring out which van will be best for your excursion, we are here to assist you.

Talk to one of our expert travel representatives to hear about our other Los Angeles van rental discounts and additional features such as GPS and our pickup-and-delivery system. Our staff, amenities, and superb fleet are guaranteed to make your trip that much easier.


Reserve Your Van Today

We are happy to assist you in booking your van rental and talking to you about possible discounts for your trip. Reserve online or contact us by phone at 1-888-315-6888 or (310)641-7000. We also welcome you to our newest location at 9020 Bellanca Ave. in Los Angeles.


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