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There's no better way to get a group of people and/or a load of cargo around in Los Angeles than with a van rental. With a van rental in Los Angeles, you don't have to worry about your ride breaking down in the middle of your trip, letting down all of your passengers. State Van Rental carefully maintains all of its  vehicles and keeps them in top shape. Save some cash for your trip, tour, camping adventure, or moving day by planning your travel dates and reserving a van. Our reservation page helps you find favorable rates by planning your trip in advance.


Get a Good Deal

By carefully selecting your dates and making a reservation for your van, you can save money on your rental. Our rates are consistently lower than other competing rental agencies, and our vans hold more people and stuff!

If you plan your van rental in Los Angeles, you can choose for rental periods that offer lower rates, if your travel plans are flexible of course, and you can also opt for longer rental periods which allow you to get more out of your van for the money.

The other nice thing about a reservation is that you can rest assured that the vehicle you need for the trip will be available when you set out to travel. All you have to do is make your reservation with our easy-to-use form and you're good to go.


Filling Out Our Form

Just enter in your pickup and dropoff locations, dates, and times. We have van rental centers at Los Angeles Airport (LAX) and Las Vegas Airport (LAS) for your convenience. Plan your trip and then specify your preferred vehicle – we have 7, 8, 12, and 15 passenger vans, as well as cargo vans, and conversion vans , Finally, enter in your driver's age to start looking for rates (we accept drivers 21 and older). Find your preferred rates and you're ready to make a reservation. Yes, van rental in Los Angeles is that easy.


State Van Rental

State Van Rental has over 10 years of experience working with car rentals. We strive to offer the lowest rates in the business, with vans that are clean, comfortable, and work great. We work diligently to maintain our fleet of vans by keeping up with any maintenance and cleaning, so that our drivers have a pleasant, stress-free ride to their destination. We've consistently built our company up, increasing our fleet by more than 40% each year, to better address the demand for reasonable rental rates.


Reserve Your Van Now

You're probably itching to get out on that open road with your group. State Van Rental is here to make van rental in Los Angeles as easy and affordable as possible. Make your reservation today! If you have any questions about our van rentals, give us a call now at 1-888-826-5212.