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Passenger Van Rental

Our passenger van rental services are perfect for big trips with a bunch of friends or family, allowing everyone to travel in one car, enjoy each other's company, and save gas money. The choices we have available are 7, 8, 12, and 15 passenger vans, all of which undergo systematic mechanical inspection and are thoroughly cleaned to ensure a smooth, no-fuss, and safe ride. We also have conversion vans which seat up to and have a back seat that folds down into a bed. The conversion van is a popular choice for camping trips by removing the need to set up a tent and bring sleeping bags. Regardless of your choice for passenger van rental, we will do everything we can to best facilitate your specific needs and make the transportation aspect of your trip go without a hitch.

We offer a number of optional amenities to aid drivers, such as GPS navigation consoles and child seats, if needed. We can also facilitate drivers under the age of 25. With almost a decade of experience in the auto rental business, we at State Van have become the go-to source for affordable and quality cargo and passenger van rental services in Los Angeles.
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