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Van Rentals for Production Crews

Executing a successful video production is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences a person can be a part of. There are numerous factors involved, including everything from making sure actors arrive on time to keeping track of radios and camera equipment to serving food for the entire cast and crew. One critical detail that most production coordinators and transportation department chiefs already know about, is, of course, answering the question of how people will get to and from a shooting location. And when it comes to solving this problem, there are few better solutions than a van from State Van Rental. This outstanding rental agency offers a full range of van rental options, and they’re happy to provide crews with some of the highest quality vans on the market.

State Van Rental doesn’t only cover production crews in Los Angeles, however. They also provide options for companies working in the Las Vegas area. In fact, they have an 8 passenger van rental in Las Vegas that is perfect for skeleton crews who need quick, reliable transportation to help them knock out that one last shot that they need to get to complete their film or television project. And of course, if the production is located in Los Angeles or its surrounding areas, State Van Rental still has the bases covered with options like the 15 passenger van rental in Los Angeles that can accommodate crew, actors and whoever else needs to be shuttled from base camp to location. And the best part; the vans are reliable, comfortable, and frequently inspected for quality.