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Cargo Van Rental

Many people utilize a cargo van rental for business, or for personal matters such as moving into a new hours or apartment. The cargo van rental from State Van Rental is a Chevy Express cargo van, a two-passenger vehicle with ample space to store and transport gear, equipment, and personal wares. Additionally, when you rent a van from State Van Rental for the purpose of transporting cargo and passengers, various sections of the multi-passenger vans can be converted to allow more space for cargo. In this sense, most of State Van Rental’s vehicles are combination passenger-cargo vans.

For instance, State Van Rental’s 15-passenger version of the Chevy Express features a removable bench to accommodate additional goods. A group of passengers can comfortably travel for an extended period of time in this large cargo van rental with all necessary belongings in tow. Similarly, the renter may choose to customize the 12-passenger van for his trip, as this van also holds a removable bench to suit the traveling group’s particular needs. Most of our vans feature convenient storage compartments and spacious rear areas, like State Van Rental’s Chevy conversion van. This vehicle has been a favorite of touring musicians and large families for decades. With so many options for transporting people and goods, State Van Rental is superior to other cargo van rentals in Los Angeles.

If you are dissatisfied with your experience at other Southern California agencies that call themselves cargo van rentals, call State Van Rental today at 888-315-6888 or use the online reservation tool to schedule a pick-up.