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Conversion Van Rental San Francisco

If you’re going on a lengthy road trip or a simple camping trip, a conversion van rental in San Francisco can be your best bet to save money and enjoy the convenience of quality comfort in your vehicle. State Van’s conversion vans feature a back bench seat that folds out into a roomy bed, as well as a TV, VCR, leather upholstery, room for 7 passengers, and cruise control. The conversion van rental in San Francisco is simply a fun and easy way to enjoy a road trip. While many enjoy taking these types of vans on camping trips, they’re also great for avoiding hotel stays when going on long trips. You can simply pull over and safely sleep whenever and wherever you feel the need.

State Van is a preferred rental company for conversion van rental in San Francisco because of their meticulously maintained and serviced vehicles, low rental rates, and dedication to customer satisfaction. Each customers gets the VIP treatment he or she deserves, which is why so many opt for State Van whenever they need a van rental. In addition to the conversion van rental, State Van also provides full size van rentals, cargo vans, and much more. Rental reservations can conveniently be made on the State Van website, by phone, or in person.

Created at Tuesday, 24 January 2012 13:51

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Van Rental San Francisco

If you’re looking for a van rental in San Francisco, look no further than State Van. Founded over a decade ago, we at State Van are a family owned van rental company dedicated to offering the best vehicles for the lowest rates. That’s why we’ve earned a loyal customer base that consists of businesses, travelers, and everyday people alike. We pride ourselves in the quality and selection of our fleet of vehicles and the reliability that our customers can expect. While there are a number of different van rental in San Francisco companies out there, we distinguish ourselves by exclusively offering vans and offering them at low, competitive rates.

Whether you’re looking for a 7, 8, 12, or 15 passenger van, a conversion van, a cargo van, or a stylish Cadillac Escalade, we’ve got you covered. We offer free pick-up from LAX airport, new and well-maintained vehicles, and 10% off rentals for non profit organizations. In addition, drivers under the age of 25 can rent from us, as opposed from many other rental companies. Whether you need a van rental in San Francisco for vacation or for business, we at State Van are here to make your life easier. Call us today to book your rental!


Van Rental San Francisco

You’re going to be driving around the Bay Area with a big group soon. At State Van we know how tough it can be to keep a group of 7 or 8 passengers happy, let alone 12 or 15, but we’re up to the challenge. That’s how we’ve become the place for Van Rental in San Francisco. Size and storage won’t be an issue, and we’ve got what you need to feel safe and secure knowing that big group is happy in good hands.

If you’re a small tour group, our 7 and 8 passenger vans are the perfect size and price point. These regularly-inspected, rigorously cleaned vans come with sliding doors and plenty of trunk space. The larger, 12 and 15 passenger vans are built for a lot of people, or just a few people with plenty of room! If you want to cruise in style, there’s also the luxurious van conversion and for those who want to make an impression, the Cadillac Escalade, so we’re more than just van rental in San Francisco. We are San Francisco’s center for group transportation no matter the size.

Your comfort is just as much of a priority as capacity, though. We want you to be moving along San Francisco’s unique streets with a smile on your face. That’s why standard equipment on select vans includes TVs and DVD players (in the case of the awesome van conversion) and mp3-capable sound systems (in the case of the 8 passenger van). Obviously they all come with climate control, so controlling the temperature won’t be a problem, although deciding on an ideal temperature for a huge group sometimes will.

Van rental in San Francisco is going to be a breeze with State Van. Call or contact us today and we’ll tell you about what we have to offer your group.

Created at Tuesday, 24 January 2012 13:45

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12 Passenger Van Rental San Francisco

Are you and your family/friends going on a road trip but you don’t want to take multiple cars or add miles to your daily-driver? The most simple solution lies in the 12 passenger van rental in San Francisco. With a van rental you can comfortably seat all your loved ones into one vehicle and enjoy their company during your trip. In addition, you don’t have to worry about your car breaking down because all of State Van’s vans are of the latest make and model and are routinely serviced to ensure a care-free and solid ride.

One of the biggest upsides of renting a 12 passenger van rental in San Francisco from State Van is that you know you’re getting a perfect vehicle for an unbeatable rate. Low competitive rates, a vast selection of van rentals, and superb customer service are all hallmarks of State Van, and they have been since its founding over 10 years ago. With multiple drop off locations and well-maintained 12 passenger van rentals in San Francisco, State Van has become a premier and trusted destination for those who want the best for the least. You can conveniently book your van rental online or by calling State Van and speaking to a friendly representative.

Created at Tuesday, 24 January 2012 13:40

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8 Passenger Van Rental Las Vegas

The 8 passenger van rental in Las Vegas is a convenient and comfortable way to get around town. Featuring cruise control, anti-lock brakes, a sliding side door for rear passengers, roof rack and much more, this vehicle is perfect for families who want a roomy and safe ride. The 8 passenger van rental in Las Vegas is a great alternative to the 7 passenger rental for those who need the extra room but don’t need something the size of a 12 or 15 passenger van. Here at State Van, we are committed to providing our customers with a perfect van rental experience. We aim to make everything from the initial booking to the drop-off as smooth and easy as possible.

If the 8 passenger van rental in Las Vegas isn’t for you, we also offer conversion vans that are great for camping, cargo vans that are great for touring musicians or those who need to move big, bulky items, as well as a number of different passenger vans. By dealing exclusively with van rentals, we are able to offer rates and an extensive selection that can’t be found elsewhere. We look forward to handing you the keys for your next trip!

State Van, the leading provider of Van Rental in Las Vegas knows there’s nothing stopping you from taking your family to Las Vegas anymore. Sure, there was once a time when the best way to do Vegas was to leave the kids with grandma while the parents took a vacation from their manners and principles. Now you can bring your manners and principles along, and with them, the kids. And with 8 passenger van rental in Las Vegas from State Van, you don’t have to leave the comforts of home when you go to Vegas.

In addition to 12 and 15 passenger full size van rental in Las Vegas State Van features their conversion vans, and for good reason. These are extremely luxurious (and in Las Vegas, what isn’t?), with all the amenities you could want: Not just automatic transmission and climate control, but also an entertainment center with TV and DVD player. 8 Passenger van rental in Las Vegas is also a great way to transport a small sports team or a church group!
But the 8 passenger van rental in Las Vegas doesn’t just have entertainment for the kids. There’s also a 6 CD changer for keeping the folks in the front happy. What’s more, the comfortable leather seats ensure you’ll be sitting pretty on the road, and if anyone needs a rest, there’s a back seat that folds into a bed.

For 8 passenger van rental in Las Vegas, you can’t beat the low prices and terrific maintenance of State Van, the rental house that specializes in vans only. But what’s more, there’s also cargo van rental in Las Vegas and smaller 7 passenger vans available from State Van. Contact them today to find out which of their vans is best for your needs.

Created at Tuesday, 24 January 2012 13:36

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Full Size Van Rental Las Vegas

Our full size van rental in Las Vegas is a great choice if you’re traveling with a large number of passengers. We offer our customers 7, 8, 12, and 15 passenger vans that allow everyone to travel together comfortably and safely. Perhaps the biggest upside to our full size van rental in Las Vegas for our patrons is that they don’t have to worry about the car breaking down during their trip or adding mileage to their daily driver cars. We take pride in how diligently our fleet of vans is maintained, both inside and out. We aim to ensure that you have the most stress-free, smooth ride possible, so that you can focus on the pleasure of exploring new terrain and places, instead of whether your car can make it in the first place.

Our full size van rental in Las Vegas features a smooth automatic transmission, and of course, A/C and power locks and windows. Some models feature a removable rear bench seat that can be used to make extra room for luggage and cargo. Whether you’re going on a long road trip or just want to show your extended family around town, a full size van rental may be just what you you’re looking for.

If it’s time for a Las Vegas road trip, you’re probably excited, but also apprehensive about that long car ride. You’ll be dropping the Van off at State Van’s drop off location by MaCarran Field, but until you get there, you’ll have a pretty sizeable bunch of associates or family members behind you. How can you keep all those people happy? The obvious choice is by going to State Van for Full Size Van Rental to Las  Vegas.

If, on the other hand you’re a small family tour of perhaps 7 or 8 people, you can rely on State Van’s conversion or 8 passenger van rental in Las Vegas. The conversion rental is an especially good choice for your group if they like leather seats and an entertainment center (and who doesn’t?), but you’ll need to trust State Van’s full size van rental in Las Vegas if you’re a group of 12 or even 15. Your sports team or church group may seem big, but State Van is up to the challenge, and our vans are clean, and maintained by a staff of mechanics that specialize in the mechanics of these large vehicles.

And even when you’re a massive group, your comfort is just as important as fitting everyone inside. Although we do offer cargo van rental in Las Vegas, we know you’re going to be looking for more luxury than that. The vans at State Van are equipped with smooth automatic transmissions and air conditioning, in order to keep everyone happy no matter how long they have to sit still.

From 8 to 15 passenger van rental in Las Vegas it’s going to be a pleasure with State Van. Contact us by phone or over the web today for special offers.


Van Rental Las Vegas

Created at Tuesday, 24 January 2012 13:29

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