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Van Rental Las Vegas

State Van, the name Los Angeles residents turn to when they need Full Size Van Rental in Los Angeles has established itself as the leader in providing Van rental in Las Vegas as well. While it might be true that the classic Las Vegas road trip involves a convertible muscle car, a van is the best way to fit in your entire family or tour group, and with State Van, the price is tiny when compared to that muscle car anyway.

The best provider of cargo van rental in Los Angeles knows that Las Vegas isn’t what it was in 1960. Sure those feather-clad dancers are still there, but the biggest audiences for something like that are spending a lot more these days, and getting quite an exciting show even if the Canadian circus tradition has elbowed out the classic Las Vegas showgirl a bit. But as long as you’re breaking the bank on entertainment, save big on your full size van rental in Las Vegas, and help your group travel to those big shows in comfort with smooth automatic transmission and air conditioning.

The best thing about 8 passenger conversion vans is the Vegas-style luxury they afford, with their entertainment centers, CD changers and leather seats. This is a city where anything you could possibly want is available in a moment at your hotel. Why should your Van Rental in Las Vegas be any different?

But in addition to the van conversion there are 7 passenger minivans, and larger 12 and 15 passenger models to fit your church organization, sports team, or even bachelor party. State Van has offered the best in Van Rental to San Francisco and fantastic Rental Vans at LAX. Las Vegas was the logical next step.

Created at Wednesday, 14 March 2012 10:34

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Full Size Van Rental San Francisco

Vans and San Francisco have gone well together since the 1960s. Even though the hippies of Haight-Ashbury have mostly moved on, full size van rental in San Francisco is still alive and well thanks to State Van. We’ve been in operation for a decade, and we’ve seen the roads of San Francisco change, along with the needs of customers. We’ve needed to keep up with their demands by offering clean, well-maintained full size van rental in San Francisco, and great features go hand-in-hand with competitive rates. Company trips, church groups and volunteer organizations have come to rely on our services, and you should too.

Your van comes fully equipped with all the features you demand, and some that will surprise you. Anti-lock breaks and rear swing-out doors come standard, along with a removable back seat for fitting all that extra luggage. And for your added comfort, select models come with tinted windows. Full size van rental in San Francisco should offer a safe and clean experience, and also a luxurious one, even on a budget.

We also offer van conversions, along with 7 and 8 passenger vans in addition to our full size 12 and 15 passenger models. As a leader in van rental we’re here to answer your questions and concerns. Don’t hesitate to call us directly about full size van rental in San Francisco.

Created at Friday, 24 February 2012 15:35

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Full Size Van Rental

State Van is your center for large group transportation, whether you need to move 7 passengers around Las Vegas, or 15 passengers on a church retreat in the Bay Area, we have the size you need at the price point that fits your budget. Don’t rent from businesses that don’t specialize in serving the needs of large groups, and maintaining these vehicles. At State Van, full size van rental is what we do.

Our customer base stays loyal because they trust our fleet for full size van rental. If you need a 15 passenger van, we offer the Chevy Express, a well-maintained van with a vast interior, fully prepared to cart around large sports teams and move church organizations and other activity groups. These vans are equipped with automatic transmission, cruise control and A/C, and they come with a removable bench seat if you want to trade passenger capacity for cargo space. We also have a fantastic conversion van for 7 passengers who want to travel in extreme comfort, including an entertainment center with TV and DVD player. If style is an issue for your large group, load them into a Cadillac Escalade. The definition of full size van rental can be stretched to include an SUV now and again.

Please call or contact us and let us know what your needs are. We’re eager to help you out, and you’ll find that our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team is always ready to make sure your needs are met.

Created at Friday, 24 February 2012 14:24

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15 Passenger Van Rental

Your average rent-a-car might not quite have you covered when you’re headed out for the day with a large group. There may be a big van in the back, collecting dust, but at State Van, we specialize in vans. That’s why we have vans in every size and price point, including the huge and safe 15-passenger van. Rent it instead of an overstuffing a van that’s too small, which can unsafe, or a charter bus, which can be too expensive if you don’t need all that room. 15 passenger van rental done right is part of our philosophy.

Our 15 passenger vehicle (usually the fantastic Chevy Express) is stocked with features you shouldn’t miss out on. A removable bench seat, and tinted windows (on select models), are little bonuses in addition to standard automatic transmission and anti-lock brakes. More than the features, though, you can count on specialty maintenance and cleaning. We rent out these large capacity vehicles exclusively, so we know how to treat and clean them, and parts and mechanics are better handled by a team that’s dedicated to the needs of vans. When it comes to 15 passenger van rental, don’t trust your large group to a company that isn’t specially prepared for their needs.

Additionally, we have a fleet of smaller 7-8 passenger vans, 12 passenger vans, feature-rich conversion vans (with great entertainment centers!), and for groups who want to travel in style, the Cadillac Escalade. Call State Van today about your needs, whether it’s 15 passenger van rental, or something smaller.

Created at Friday, 24 February 2012 14:14

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8 Passenger Van Rental San Francisco

State Van is the place for 8 Passenger Van Rental in San Francisco. You might be able to buy an old VW minibus in Haight-Ashbury if that’s what your trip is all about, but at State Van we offer clean, well-maintained vans for your community group, family reunion or tour. Check out our competitive prices.

San Francisco is always a changing city, and to keep up, we’ve had to constantly improve our van rental services. The unique roads and geography of San Francisco are part of the experience. That’s why when you come to State Van for 8 passenger van rental, San Francisco becomes your city to traverse. Trips to Yosemite or the rest of the Bay Area become a breeze when you’re at the wheel of an 8 passenger van with A/C, automatic transmission and the storage capacity you expect from a vehicle this size.

The 8 passenger van experience means setting you up in a van specially equipped for your community group, church group, family reunion, or sightseeing trip. That means rear A/C and heating control, reading lights, cruise control, anti-lock brakes, and best of all, a 6-disc CD changer plus MP3-ready sound system. That means you’ll be listening to the music you want, although, with 8 passengers in the van, that might be tough to organize.

We have 7 passenger vans in addition 8 passenger models, plus full size 12 and 15 passenger vans. Don’t hesitate to contact us about 8 passenger van rental in San Francisco, and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be thrilled to hear from you.

Created at Friday, 24 February 2012 13:55

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