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Conversion Van rental Las Vegas

State Van offers some of the lowest prices anywhere on conversion van rental in Las Vegas and more.

Packing all your friends and family members into a van may not sound like anyone’s idea of a good time, but with conversion van rental in Las Vegas, we make it easy and comfortable. That’s because a conversion van is like a hotel room on wheels. There’s no need to stop and rest on the way to the hoover dam, or on your road trip to Los Angeles. Provided you have another licensed and authorized driver for your conversion van rental Las Vegas, just switch places, and snooze as you go. We offer fully stocked, luxury Las Vegas van rental with everything you could ask for, and our reputation for extreme comfort precedes us.

Not only are they some of the most comfortable ways to get from point A to point B, but conversion vans are also one of the best ways to transport your disabled, or elderly family members. Rather than worrying about folding seats, or packing people tightly into one row, a van rental in Las Vegas NV ensures that everyone will have a place to sit, relax, and enjoy the Las Vegas roads.

Conversion vans from State Van’s airport van rental Las Vegas come equipped with TVs, DVD players, and other amenities. The best way to enjoy these fixtures is to site in the back, but if you’re the driver, you’ll still appreciate the leather seats Air conditioning and other great perks.

Ours are some of the cleanest and most reliable conversion vans on the market, so give us a call today and get into a conversion van.

Give us a call as (702) 222-1223 or send us a message via our contact page.


Created at Tuesday, 26 June 2012 15:39

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Airport Van Rental Las Vegas

For family reunions church retreats and more, Nevada residents turn to State Van for airport van rental Las Vegas.

If you’re just landing at Las Vegas airport, you’re probably more concerned about all the fun you’re about to see on the strip than worried about how you’ll get around. However, your method of transportation will soon take precedent when you realize just how far the Airport is from the tourist attractions of this fantastic city. Never fear! State Van’s airport van rental Las Vegas is conveniently located right next to the airport. We’ll not only get you there, in one of our vans, you’ll be able to transport all your group members in style, and you’ll find the amenities most agreeable especially if you choose State Van’s Conversion van rental in Las Vegas.

As you head toward the bright lights of the strip after pick up your airport van rental in Las Vegas, you’ll only have to worry about what to do first: check out the black jack and poker, or head to a show. The great thing about Las Vegas van rental is that no matter what you want to do, parking is easier. It’s tough to coordinate a group of cars, particularly in Las Vegas’ massive parking garages. Now imagine all those people are moving swiftly to their destination in one van thanks to Las Vegas van rental.

The only concern you should have is keeping everyone happy and entertained. With all the seating room, and storage capacity of one of our vans, this won’t be an issue at all. The State Van difference is this: you arrive in our rental center worried about how your trip is going to unfold, and when you come back, you’ll be amazed it all went so smoothly.

Give us a call at (702) 222-1223 or head to our contact page.

Created at Tuesday, 26 June 2012 15:32

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Band Van Rental

In today’s music business, touring is not just a great chance to play your music directly to the people who love it; it is also a matter of cold, hard cash. For most professional musical groups, extensive touring is an absolute must. State Van loves music and musicians and we are delighted to be a go-to option for band van rental. Indeed, with locations in Los Angeles and Las Vegas and drop-off points in such key metropolitan areas as San Diego, San Francisco, Oakland, Orange County, and Sacramento, we are the go-to option for touring musicians in California.

Whether your band is a need of a large cargo van for hauling instruments, amps, sets, and other items, or simply in need of a passenger van rental in Los Angeles, State Van has everything musicians need. It doesn’t matter whether your field is classical, jazz, old time rock and roll, electronica, or alternative, State Van provides the kind of personalized, attentive service and reasonable prices that a band van rental requires.

Taking your show on the road can be great fun but it can also be more stressful than you might want. We are experienced at dealing with the challenges regularly faced by travelling musicians and our calm, reliable service has been cited by many of our customers as a true lifesaver. We are also experienced at dealing with church groups and other organizations. With our fine selection of vehicles, it just makes sent to rent a van with us.

For more information on van rental for musical groups large or small, please contact our outstanding staff through our contact page or at 1-888-315-6888. State Van is the band van rental professional.


Created at Tuesday, 05 June 2012 13:45

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Cargo Van Rental Las Vegas

State Van, the Los Angeles Van Rental leader is now the center for van rental in Las Vegas too. Not only does our fleet include a wide array of sizes and capacities for passenger vans, but we have your cargo needs in mind as well. Our vans are reliable, but when you’re in need of extra carrying capacity, we know these are the times when there can’t be a hiccup, and you’ll find that cargo van rental in Las Vegas from State Van gets you the most reliable cargo vans available.

These are work-ready machines, but they’re also packed with features. They come with bucket seats in front that fully recline, and include headrests. There’s also a passenger side swing out van door, a feature customers frequently request. When demand is high for a feature like that, we’re eager to provide it for our customers. It should be easy and hassle-free getting in and out of your cargo van, and it goes without saying it should be easy to load cargo and access it once you’re at your destination. 12 and 15 passenger van rental in Las Vegas is also this easy.

At State Van, cargo van rental in Las Vegas is something we know not enough rent-a-car companies, or truck rental centers focus on. We’ve been a leading specialist in van-only rental for over a decade, and our clean and well-maintained vans are trusted by our patrons in Los Angeles and San Francisco, that’s why we’re already a leader in van Rental in Las Vegas.

For more information about cargo van rental in Las Vegas or to get a Cadillac Escalade or one of our wide array of passenger vans, contact us today.

Created at Wednesday, 14 March 2012 11:47

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15 Passenger Van Rental Las Vegas

The majority of rent-a-car stations at MaCarran International Airport don’t meet the needs of every customer. For instance, head to one of those counters and ask them about van rental. They’ll have a minivan or two. Maybe they’ll even offer 12 passenger van rental in Las Vegas, and they’ll show you to a van they have standing by, collecting dust, for the rare patron who has a large group. But if you’re in need of 15 passenger van rental in Las Vegas, or really any van at all, it would be wise to take your business to State Van, where your hard-earned money won’t be wasted on a poorly maintained van that doesn’t meet your exact needs. In fact, no matter what size van rental in Las Vegas you’re in the market for, State Van has you covered.

The 15 passenger vehicle we offer here at State Van is usually the great big Chevy Express Van, and it’s a vehicle we know very well because our staff, including our maintenance team knows more about working on vans than any other crew of mechanics offering 15 passenger van rental in Las Vegas. If you’re traveling with a church group, large sports team, or tour, there’s nowhere else you should get your van.

In addition to our 15 passenger vans, there’s 7, 8 and 12 passenger van rental here at State Van, and for those who really want to cruise around Las Vegas in style there’s the Cadillac Escalade. There is no number of passengers we can’t accommodate. And cargo van rental is also available. Contact us today for special offers or just to learn more about our company.

Created at Wednesday, 14 March 2012 10:49

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