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Chevy Van Rental

Chevrolet is among the most iconic and beloved of all American automotive brands. So it's no surprise at all that remains among the most popular categories in State Van's business. This widely requested van is beloved for its sturdiness and ability to take what comes. Also, like all of the best vehicles on the market, the models used by State Van feature a host of features. The options available on a Chevrolet van rental from us may include anti-lock brakes, halogen headlights, front dual reclining bucket seats, a removable bench seat, rear swing-out van doors with vented glass, and Solar Ray® tinted glass.

Of course, a is not everyone's preference and so State Van offers a wide variety of options. A Town and Country rental from Chrysler offers the very latest in options in their 7-passenger van. If cruise control, theater style seating, Stow-N-Go bucket seats, and tinted privacy glass are your demands, these van rentals are just the ticket.

As for imports, State Van offers an outstanding Toyota Sienna rental. It's an 8-passenger van that includes 4-wheel anti-lock brakes, front dual door mounted storage, a telescopic tilt steering column, reading lights, rear seat heating and air conditioning controls, a 6-disc CD player and an MP3/WMA player. That's enough features for anyone.

State Van prides itself on providing an outstanding variety of top quality vehicles as well as superior service and outstanding value. Whether a or any other brand is your preference, we will be delighted to hear from you.

For further information on all of our terrific vehicles, please call us at call at (702) 222-1223 or head to our contact page.

Created at Wednesday, 05 September 2012 11:12

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Las Vegas Van Rental

When you land in McCarran field, your large group has no reason to turn to one of the big chains in order to rent a van in Las Vegas. Those guys have a limited supply of questionably maintained vans. Turn instead to the Las Vegas van rental experts here at State Van. Choose our Las Vegas van rental and you’ll be getting a great vehicle.

The car rental business leaves room for many types of specialization. Imagine a rental agency that specialized in luxury or exotic cars, and how you would expect them to have a passion and a deep understanding for the expensive machines they offered. At State Van, we’re exactly that sort of expert, but in the field of vans. When you rent a van in Las Vegas, you deserve an expert to help you through the problem. We know how to ensure that your needs are met with a large passenger or cargo vehicle, and what’s more, we know how to maintain one.

If your needs include large, 12-18 passenger van rental Las Vegas, we know the brands, and the expect specifications you’ll need, and we offer the amenities and little extras to make your drive easier and more enjoyable. Traveling performers who need a large empty space for equipment should look no further than State Van for van rentals in Las Vegas either.

Finally, the maintenance teams at our garages are a special breed of van specialists. Our maintenance team is focused on the needs of large vehicles like these, and they’ll make sure when you choose Las Vegas Van Rental and get behind the wheel, you’ll feel certain this is going to be a smooth ride.

Give us a call at (702) 222-1223 or head to our contact page.

Created at Wednesday, 25 July 2012 12:10

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Toyota Sienna Rental

The selection at State Van includes vans of a large number of sizes and styles. One of the most popular models that families request is the Toyota Sienna rental.  

Families on the go could often turn to a compact when they're just two parents, and three kids or fewer. We prefer the feel of van travel, however, and it seems a growing contingent of our clients do too. There's nothing like the extra legroom, as well as the unmatched storage capacity of a van. When you're taking a road trip, give State Van a call, and we'll make sure we reserve a Toyota Sienna rental for you and your family.

Did you know that the Toyota Sienna, despite being owned by a Japanese company, is an American made automobile? It's manufactured in Princeton Indiana, which is only one of many reasons American families are so loyal to this reliable and comfortable machine.

But families aren't the only ones who enjoy traveling in these spacious vans. The Toyota Sienna is a great travel option for small athletic teams, bands and more. If you're landing at your destination city, and then driving a fair distance to get where you're going, reserve your Toyota Sienna rental, and when you land, just hop on a convenient free shuttle. We'll whisk you off to your Toyota Sienna, and you'll be on the highway in no time.

Toyota Sienna rental isn't the only family-oriented choice at State Van. and Chevy van rental are available, along with many more van rental choices.

Give us a call at (702) 222-1223 or head to our contact page.

Created at Wednesday, 25 July 2012 10:30

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Vans for Bands

Rock and roll, singing groups, church groups, and other musicians all turn to State Van when they go on the road. Vans for bands are our specialty.

From high school rock groups, to traveling classical ensembles, to troupes of folk musicians and more, State Van has seen a wide variety of musician drivers have great experiences on the road in our vans for bands.

That’s partly because we love traveling musicians and provide so many vans for bands. In fact, we consider you and your band some of our most valuable customers, and we’ve taken steps toward making things more hospitable for you here at State Van. We offer a huge variety of storage and passenger capacities to meet your precise tour van rental needs. We also deal with clients on an individual basis because we know the needs of every band are different.


Some musicians travel in large groups of ten or more, while other rock groups, such as the now prototypical indie rock duo, are comprised of just two people. We offer massive 15 passenger vans for the former groups like wedding orchestras, perhaps. They’ll love the ample storage capacity, but seating will be more than sufficient. On the other hand, an indie rock duo would benefit from one of our cargo vans. Just sit in the front seats, and use all that room in the back for extra amplifiers. That’s how to get the most from your band van rental!

Moreover, we know that as musicians, you’re probably not thrilled about dealing with all the business people you face when you tour. Club managers and record executives can really trivialize your art, and make touring a chore. As a family-owned and operated company, we prefer to deal with bands like individuals, making sure your needs are met, and you’re able to tour happy, and do your best work out there on the road.

Give us a call toll free at 1-888-315-6888 or send us an email via our contact page.

Created at Tuesday, 26 June 2012 15:48

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Van Rental Las Vegas NV

Van rental customers in Las Vegas can rely on State Van for van rental in Las Vegas NV whether they’re coming to Nevada from out of state, or taking a trip with Las Vegas as the starting point.

Whether you’re a local, an out of state traveler, or you’re visiting Las Vegas from abroad, we’ve been serving the needs of drivers such as yourself for over a decade, and at State Van, all we care about is making you happy. Our van rental in Las Vegas NV is no different from our other locations, mostly in California with regard to quality. We still offer easy pick up and drop off, great vans and some of the best prices in this business.

Many travelers choose van rental in Las Vegas NV for travel purposes, and for large groups, traveling around Las Vegas in a limousine just doesn’t make as much sense. You’ll be able to fit the whole family (even Grandma and Grandpa) in one of our vans, even if you’re the proud parents of octuplets, and you’re traveling with a nanny (but then why did you choose Las Vegas?). Our passenger vans up to 15 passengers make Las Vegas van rental easy, and in a conversion van rental Las Vegas, you’d be cruising around town at the very height of comfort.

Meanwhile, unlike other rent-a-car agencies, we specialize in large vans, and this policy pays dividends for you the client. First of all you’re promised the expert care of a team of mechanics who spend all their days working on vans, making sure everything is in peak condition, inside and out. Secondly, this means our vans for rent are outlandishly priced for the rare customer who wants them, but instead, they’re quite reasonably priced, and ready on short notice.

For airport van rental Las Vegas head to our contact page or call us at (702) 222-1223.


Created at Tuesday, 26 June 2012 15:47

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