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Cargo Van Rentals

Time and again, State Van Rental’s competitors offer cargo van rentals at very high prices, coupled with unforeseen fees. A standard-size car will not cut in in various situations. When the customer finds himself in this position, he must obtain a temporary cargo van rental. Aware of the customer’s desperation, many cargo van rentals in Los Angeles take advantage of the person who eagerly seeks a van for a group trip, business project, or for moving house. State Van Rental presents affordable daily rates on each cargo and multi-passenger van in their fleet. It is not uncommon for our customers to travel as part of a church or non-profit group. When this is the case, the traveling group could receive a 10% discount, in addition to the low daily rates that are offered across the board to all customers interested in multi-passenger or cargo van rentals.

Created at Monday, 28 January 2013 03:44

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Rent Van Los Angeles

When you rent a van at Los Angeles based State Van Rental, you are assured a safe, reliable ride that is provided conveniently. Drop-off locations are not just scattered throughout Los Angeles and Orange County, but in Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento, San Francisco, Phoenix, and Las Vegas. If retrieving the vehicle from our headquarters doesn’t fit well with your schedule or plans, a State Van staff member can take the vehicle to you. Most Los Angeles van rentals cut corners and it shows. They possibly provide a van, but that is not to say that it is fully-equipped or versatile. But to rent a van in Los Angeles at State Van Rental is a satisfying experience, as each traveling party will find a van that exceeds their initial expectations.

Seven, 8, 12 and 15 passenger van rental in Los Angeles gives various-sized groups many options for comfort and security. Our Chrysler Town & Country is a 7 passenger vehicle with plenty of legroom and storage area. The Town & Country comes with under-seat storage compartments, and if some of the seats are not needed, the second row can be folded under for additional space. Our 15 passenger van is perfect for a large family or other traveling group. This vehicle also comes with a removable bench seat option. If you plan to rent a van in Los Angeles to transport goods rather than people, then State Van Rental suggests the Chevy Express Cargo van. The rear swing-out doors allows the customer to easily access his cargo once he reaches his drop-off location. Van rentals in Los Angeles don’t have to be priced high. When compared to other rental agencies, one will see that State Van Rental offers big vehicles at small prices.

For more information or to reserve a van, call State Van Rental today at 888-315-6888. The customer can also contact us online.

Created at Tuesday, 04 December 2012 06:20

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Conversion Van Rental

State Van Rental, based in Los Angeles, provides multi-passenger vans that are always road-ready. Choosing to take a conversion van rental on your next out-of-town expedition is an excellent choice. Your extended family or group of friends can save gas and be good to the environment when traveling together in this full size van rental from State Van. We have various sized vans to fit large groups safely and comfortably. When using our 7 passenger conversion van rental, travelers don’t have to wait until the destination is reached to spend time together. When you drive as a group, the trip is all the more enjoyable.

Created at Tuesday, 04 December 2012 05:21

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Town and Country Rental

State Van Rental, affordable van rental company with over a decade of experience, prides itself on the condition and newness of its fleet. With two office locations (one in Los Angeles and one in Las Vegas) and ten convenient drop off locations all around the West Coast, State Van is an incredible go-to company for your next trip or vacation. We're proud to offer a wide selection of rentals, from a Chevy cargo van to a Toyota Sienna rental. We also offer a massive 15-passenger Chevrolet van rental for the largest groups who need some comfort on their next trip. Then, there's a smaller, 12-passenger Chevy van rental option as well. One of the most popular makes and models of vehicles available here is the Chrysler Town and Country.

State Van's Town and Country rental rates are incredibly competitive. Plus, State Van offers a bevy of convenient bonuses, such as inexpensive GPS rental, internet specials, and free pickup from LAX airport. Yet, even if State Van didn't include all of these extras with a Town and Country rental, many would still choose to rent it because of its fabulous features. These include:

  • Easier Driving Features: Automatic transmission, tilt steering column, anti-lock brakes, cruise control, driver manual lumbar support,

  • Passenger Conveniences: Rear power outlet, power door locks, theater style seating, CD player and AM/FM radio, tinted glass

  • Extra Storage: Stow-N-Go reclining seats, under-seat storage, roof rack.

  • And more!

So, don't hesitate to call State Van if you're interested in an affordable, clean, and well-maintained Town and Country rental. We can be reached at 888-315-6888 or contact us online.

Created at Tuesday, 16 October 2012 06:16

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Conversion Van Rental Los Angeles

It doesn’t matter if your personal vacationing preferences lean towards beaches, snow, forests, or desserts, living in Los Angeles puts all of these terrains within delightfully easy reach. A conversion van rental in Los Angeles from State Van may be one of the most convenient and economical ways to enjoy the amazing diversity of our state.

We at State Van pride ourselves on our variety and flexibility. For those seeking a conversion van rental in Los Angeles, we can provide you with a wide variety of high quality vehicles guaranteed to make for a memorable trip for one or more people. If you looking for a vehicle to carry a larger group, we offer 15 passenger van rental in Los Angeles as well as 12 and 8 person vans that are ideal for school, church, and other groups. When it comes time to rent a van in Los Angeles, we offer the very best in selection, quality, and service.

We are also aware of the very particular needs of our customers. People in search of a conversion van rental in Los Angeles are seeking out a vehicle that provides a sufficient amount of space for their needs. Others are in search of a certain amount of comfort. Those seeking out vans for larger groups may have other expectations when it comes to accommodating a relatively large group. Everyone, these days, will be concerned with issues such as gas mileage, and we at State Van thoroughly understand that issue.

Whatever you are seeking the way of van rentals in Los Angeles, State Van stands ready to help you select just the right vehicle for your needs. Please visit our our contact page or call us at (702) 222-1223.

Created at Thursday, 06 September 2012 01:07

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