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Who Needs a Tour Bus when You Can Rent a Band Van

If you think your choices are limited for a band van rental then you haven’t seen the selections at State Van! Our fleet includes models designed to carry up to 15 passengers plus equipment - perfect for hauling you and your rock or hip hop group around on a road tour. It is also less expensive than renting a tour bus.

Our 8 passenger van is a favorite among many small groups who play around Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The Toyota Sienna comes in a variety of colors and features cruise control, 4-wheel anti-lock brakes, front dual door mounted storage and a passenger side sliding door. Most appreciated by our music connoisseurs is the van’s AM/FM radio with 6 speakers, 6-CD changer and MP3/WMA player. It is a most enjoyable ride that includes rear seat heating and air conditions controls and reading lights throughout the body of the vehicle. Also, ask us about our models with Solar-Ray tinted glass.

When you rent a van with us, you know you are getting into a new and well-maintained van with free pickup from LAX airport. We have several drop-off locations in Southern and Northern California as well as Phoenix and Las Vegas that come in handy at times

State Van Rental also rents 12 passenger vans and 15 passenger vans, the Chevy Express, that accommodate larger group sizes and 7-passenger vans, cargo vans and conversion vans that offer a smooth rides for all. Stretch out and relax in anyone of these comfortable vans that are waiting to be transformed into a band van.

Created at Wednesday, 30 July 2014 21:05

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12 Passenger Van Rental


When you obtain a 12 passenger van rental, you want to make sure you're getting the very best vehicle for your money. With regular specials and competitive prices every day, State Van Rental is an outstanding agency known for providing the best in quality and value to customers in California and Nevada. Whether you are travelling with a large family or are working with a touring group of musicians or performers, the kind of 12 passenger van rental Las Vegas and Southern California residents are looking for is available just by grabbing your phone or computer mouse.

We're happy to say that a 12 passenger van rental from State Van comes with the kind of quality and service that you can safely associate with a family owned-and-operated business with strong roots in the community. Other agencies might treat you like a faceless commodity and seem to be operating more for their own convenience than yours. State Van Rental, however, treats all of our customers like individuals and we make sure your needs always come first. Moreover, we know that most of our customers need to watch their budgets, and so we do what we can to maximize value for our customers. That's why we offer regular specials, including deals for church groups and other nonprofit organizations.

Created at Wednesday, 21 May 2014 22:28

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12 passenger Van Rental Las Vegas

Located conveniently near McCarran International Airport, State Van Rental has become the premier transportation option for tourists visiting Las Vegas – as well as residents of the entertainment mecca seeking out the best transportation option. We're renowned for our reasonable prices and impeccable customer service, however, none of that would matter if it weren't for our world-class fleet of vans, including a truly impressive 12 passenger van rental.

Much like our cargo vans, conversion vans and 7, 8, and 15 passenger van options, our 12 passenger van rental is designed to meet the needs of each customer, while exceeding expectations when it comes to comfort features and amenities. Too often, individuals who are looking to rent an extended van assume they'll have to sacrifice comfort in order to provide space and safety for every passenger.

However, at State Van, we prove that's not the case with our 12 passenger van rental. Las Vegas renters traveling in large groups are consistently impressed by the smooth ride they experience as a result of features like automatic transmission and anti-lock brakes. Further still, our vans feature a removable bench seat, rear swing-out van doors with vented glass and Solar-Ray ® tinted glass, ensuring convenient loading and unloading, and exceptional comfort for every passenger.

Created at Sunday, 13 April 2014 17:20

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Touring Bands Choose State Van for All Their Van Rental Needs

A number of well-known rock bands have roots in Las Vegas, including The Killers and Panic! At The Disco. For aspiring local musicians, Sin City has a special relationship with Los Angeles. Its fairly close proximity to the City of Angels allows up and coming musical acts to travel back and forth with relative ease, hoping to gain new followers in both towns. For most artists, travel costs present the biggest financial roadblock to expanding into unexplored markets. Fortunately, finding affordable vans for bands is easier than ever with State Van Rental!

State Van, a family-owned van rental business in Las Vegas, has earned a superb reputation for offering a wide variety of reasonably priced vans to touring bands. Whether you are looking for a large cargo van, full equipped conversion van or 8 passenger van rental in Las Vegas, State Van is an established company with a solid customer base and an impressive fleet of well-maintained vehicles. We have two offices, in Vegas as well as Los Angeles, and have drop off locations at airports all across California (not to mention Phoenix and Vegas!).

When looking for a trustworthy company to do business with, one would be hard-pressed to find a better one for van rental in Las Vegas, NV than State Van. If you are interested in learning more about our competitively priced vans and other rental benefits, we encourage you to visit us online and search for rates with the help of the search function on our homepage.

Created at Tuesday, 26 November 2013 14:46

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Need Heavy Duty Cargo Space Flying into LAX? Call State Van Rental

There are many reasons why you could need to rent a van when flying into Los Angeles International Airport, LAX for short. You could be part of a band, embarking on the most recent—and we hope most successful—tour of your career. You and your family could be flying to Los Angeles, ready to comfortably travel up and down the West Coast. Perhaps you and your friends are meeting for your annual camping trip and you need to fit all of your equipment. For these reasons and many more, reach out to State Van Rental.

Created at Wednesday, 13 February 2013 02:51

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