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8 Passenger Van Rental San Francisco

State Van is the place for 8 Passenger Van Rental in San Francisco. You might be able to buy an old VW minibus in Haight-Ashbury if that’s what your trip is all about, but at State Van we offer clean, well-maintained vans for your community group, family reunion or tour. Check out our competitive prices.

San Francisco is always a changing city, and to keep up, we’ve had to constantly improve our van rental services. The unique roads and geography of San Francisco are part of the experience. That’s why when you come to State Van for 8 passenger van rental, San Francisco becomes your city to traverse. Trips to Yosemite or the rest of the Bay Area become a breeze when you’re at the wheel of an 8 passenger van with A/C, automatic transmission and the storage capacity you expect from a vehicle this size.

The 8 passenger van experience means setting you up in a van specially equipped for your community group, church group, family reunion, or sightseeing trip. That means rear A/C and heating control, reading lights, cruise control, anti-lock brakes, and best of all, a 6-disc CD changer plus MP3-ready sound system. That means you’ll be listening to the music you want, although, with 8 passengers in the van, that might be tough to organize.

We have 7 passenger vans in addition 8 passenger models, plus full size 12 and 15 passenger vans. Don’t hesitate to contact us about 8 passenger van rental in San Francisco, and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be thrilled to hear from you.