With more people traveling than ever before, we’ve made it our mission to make getting around easier, safer, and more affordable. Since 2009, we’ve served more than 20,000 rentals, and as of 2014, more than 110,000 people have traveled in our vehicles. So, no matter where you need to be, we’re committed to ‘getting you there, together.’

In the last 7 years, we’ve worked to make sure we are here to give you the best van rental you need for your trip. We started small and worked our way up one van at a time. Our focus has always been how to best serve our communities and this has kept us striving to provide the best van rental service in the western United States. Every year, we assess exactly how we can cater to a wide range of needs, for groups large and small, local or foreign.

We want everyone to feel welcome. That’s why our dedicated team members speak over eight languages including English, Spanish, Hebrew, Swedish, Farsi, Armenian, French, and Tagalog. With visitors from all over the world, we make traveling around the United States a bit easier by providing our customers with a vehicle they can rely on.

We serve a global clientele, with renters from Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Asia, and South America. No matter where you are from or what language you speak, we will set you up with what you need for your visit to America.

Where do our clients like to go? As we are based out of Los Angeles and Las Vegas, our biggest hotspots are the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Vegas Strip, Disneyland, and Universal Studios. But that’s not all, our vehicles have been to more than 40 states! Not only have our rentals been ideal for seeing our greatest attractions, but they’ve taken people to America’s finest beaches, forests, and wineries. The beauty of van rentals is that you are the creator of your own adventure!

As our service grows, we’ve been able to make our rentals more and more convenient. We now have 10 drop off locations in California, Arizona, and Nevada to give your trip as many options as possible!

You can pick-up a van in Las Vegas or Los Angeles, drive as much as you like, and drop-off in Burbank, Orange County, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Oakland, Phoenix, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Diego, or San Jose. We’ve made sure to be close to main airports, including Bob Hope, John Wayne, McCarran Field, Long Beach Airport, Sacramento Airport, and San Francisco Airport as well. We hope that you can extend your trip as much as possible without worry by making sure you can easily get to an airport.

We strive to take everything we’ve learned over the years to continue to improve our service. We look to our communities for guidance and serve with pride and commitment. We are State Van Rental and we get you to where you’re going. Rent a van and hit the road today!