Do you often think about a business trip or a road trip? Whatever you need, renting a van is the soundest decision, especially if your family or a group is joining you for the journey. To get the right van, you need to plan and consider several factors. At the State Van Rental, we provide our clients in Los Angeles, CA, San Francisco, CA Las Vegas, NV with affordable and a wide range of van rentals. Below we have highlighted things to consider when renting a van for your trip to ensure you choose something affordable and convenient.

Things to Consider When Renting a Van for Your Trip

Taking a break from your daily routines like school or work is a great way to rest. If you decide to take a business trip with colleagues or a road trip with your family or friends, renting a van is an excellent idea because of space and other reasons. But the challenge comes in when picking the right van for the trip. Below are some of the things you should remember when renting a van:

Plan Ahead

Before you step out there to hire a van rental, it is wise to evaluate your needs. First, consider the number of people that are traveling. When taking the trip with the family, confirm those who will be traveling to decide what van suits you best. If a group of friends is accompanying you, confirm the number of people going and the size of the luggage they will be carrying. If you are bringing large bags, take a van with ample luggage space to ensure the safety of your luggage.

Planning helps you understand your needs to avoid last-minute challenges. If you plan, you won’t have to deal with problems of having a small van for a large group or getting a large trailer, whereas only a few people are taking the trip. For proper planning, sit down with those making the trip and plan on how much space you would want in the van. You should also agree on the size of the luggage one should carry to ensure that it will be safe in the rental that you pick.

Also, it’s essential to plan for emergencies. It is what differentiates between a failed and successful trip. Have a backup plan and set aside funds to be used in case of an emergency.

Van Rental Prices

Rental companies charge different rates for their autos. The firms offering the lowest prices in the market are usually not the best. Those offering the highest prices also cannot guarantee an excellent experience. So, please evaluate the quotes by various rental van providers.

Note that van rental companies provide different types of rates. You can find hourly, fixed day rates, or payment per mileage.

Visit numerous business offering van rental services and request for quotations. Based on your needs, every company will provide you with a cost estimate. Make sure to study the quote carefully and ensure the company offers insurance coverage for all the passengers in the van. Besides, if you will be carrying special luggage, the auto should have specialized equipment to store the luggage.

Evaluate every aspect of the quote and compare each item on it with different rental companies. That way, you will pick a van that will satisfy all your needs and at an affordable price. Remember not to select the first price you come across. Exploring the market for different rates is the best direction to take.

When checking out quotes from various companies, you should be aware of hidden charges. A van rental agency might fail to indicate all the costs on the quote to make the price more appealing than those of the competitors. You end up hiring a van then later face additional charges that you were not in the initial quote. So, before paying for anything, make sure you are aware of any extra items the company might charge including:

  • Extra driver costs
  • Drop off costs
  • Tax burdens
  • Toll expenses
  • Insurance

The details will not appear in the quote, but they might end up doubling the price, so you must inquire about them first.

If you are wondering where you can find quotes and extra costs, check the websites of the rental companies that are reputable.

Insurance Coverage

Car accidents in California are many, which means every time you get on a moving vehicle or van, you are exposed to the risk of an accident. Also, most of those people who hire vans are tourists who want to tour a specific area. If you are unfamiliar with the road or the place you are going for a trip, the risk of an accident is high, thus the need for insurance.

If you want peace of mind on the road trip, it’s wise if you find out if the van you want to choose has the appropriate insurance coverage. Some rental agencies will have insurance for the driver but might not cover other passengers in the vehicle, especially when they are providing you with the Van and driver. Such vans will make you incur a lot of costs footing medical bills from your pocket or through your insurer in the event of an accident.

So, purchase insurance coverage that you feel you might need for your protection or that of your family or friends. Before buying coverage, check your car insurance policy and find out the kind of protection they offer. When purchasing an insurance policy, especially in California, you will be asked if you prefer full or primary coverage. The coverage acts as an excess coverage when your insurance policy isn’t enough to cover you for:

  • Crashes that have occurred due to your fault
  • The fault of another driver
  • Damages on the rental van
  • Wrongful death benefits
  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of profits due to the accident

If you choose full coverage, your insurer won’t pay for any of the damages. Then again, you can select basic coverage, which provides you as the person renting the van with a waiver. It means whenever you are involved in an accident, your responsibility for damages caused to the rental van or the profits the company will lose during repairs after the crash will be reduced.


When renting a van for your trip, the size matters a lot. When choosing a van, make sure it is not very large. A large van will give you problems maneuvering, especially in traffic. On top of this, you will have to pay large amounts of money. Keep in mind that when taking a road trip, you will be using narrow roads in some areas, or the parking might be limited. As such, you will need a medium van but depending on the luggage and number of people taking the trip.

Although smaller vans are more comfortable maneuvering with traffic, they might give you problems mainly when you have a large group or luggage. So, consider the group or luggage size to decide the size of the van that is suitable for your trip.

Rental Agreement

When renting vans, some people overlook the rental agreement, which may turn a trip that was meant to be enjoyable into a nightmare. Before renting, make sure you go through the rental contract carefully and ask questions where you need clarity. You should pay attention to the terms and conditions of the agreement so that you can know what to expect at the end of your trip.

Where the rental agency is providing you with a driver for the van, it’s wise to find out if the company has competent drivers and the kind of criteria they use when recruiting. In case something happens to the driver assigned to your van, and he or she is no longer able to drive, you need to know how the company will resolve such an issue and whether they have extra drivers.

Similarly, ask questions about the agency’s gas requirements, if any, and the grace period. Some will impose fines on renters who overstay with the van. Find out if the company has mileage restrictions for the campers or not. If they have mileage restrictions, you will be forced to incur additional costs in fueling the van for the distance covered beyond the provided limit.

After going through the terms and conditions of the contract, inspect the van. Scrutinize the vehicle and ensure all the problems you find in the care no matter how slight they are, they appear in the contract. Check the fuel level and mileage, too, and ensure what is indicated in the contract is accurate. If the damage doesn’t appear in the agreement, the rental agency will blame it on you, which means you have to pay for the costs.


Safety is paramount whenever you are taking a trip. The condition of the van that you will be renting and the competence of the driver who will be on board are vital factors that determine safety. A reputable rental company like the State Van Rental will first inquire about your destination. They will research the common threats that happen in your destination and find a driver who is conversant with the location and its roads to ensure maximum safety.

The condition of the van in terms of maintenance is also an important safety issue. Therefore, pick an auto from a rental agency that ensures regular maintenance of their vehicles to ensure the safety of renters. Van rentals put a lot of safety measures in place, but these come with extra costs. The longer your trip, the higher the risk of getting involved in an accident. By renting a car for the vacation, you will be protecting yourself because, in the event of an accident, the loss damage waiver will cover part or all the damages.


When going for a road trip, you might want to camp somewhere or park somewhere along the road and rest. In such cases, the color of the rental van you choose counts a lot. If you want to make the van stealthy, you have to pick a standard color like white, silver, or black. Other colors like orange or blue might make the van look like a campervan, which will attract a lot of attention. Getting a private van will make it easy to avoid paying parking fees every time you stop.


Amenities are critical when taking a trip in a van. You don’t want to inconvenience yourself by having to make a stop whenever somebody wants to use the washroom. So, choose an auto that has a toilet and a shower. Today it’s possible to have those amenities on the van. A Walmart will come in handy because you don’t have to worry about the cleanliness of the bathroom. The more the facilities and convenience there is in a van, the more the cost. Decide on the amount you want to part with based on the facilities in the truck.

One Way or Round-Trip Rental

Some van rental companies have branches in different states. It makes it possible for you to rent a van only for one way, mainly if you plan to fly out of your destination. If, for example, you are planning a road trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco or Las Vegas but want to return on a flight once you get to your destination, a one-way rental van is ideal. It will make the trip more affordable but for you to do that you will need a rental agency that has branches in both cities. Also, you will need to be very careful about the issue of time when you decide on a one-way van. If, by the time you get to your destination, the rental company branch is closed, you might be forced to pay an extra day, especially if you had rented on a fixed-day price.

For a round trip rental, you don’t have to worry about the company you are renting from having a branch in your destination because you will be making the trip back using the van.


When picking up a rental from the company, you don’t want to incur additional costs getting it clean. Choose a van that has been properly cleaned and inspected for an enjoyable experience.

Note that whenever you are renting a car for a trip, booking in advance is extremely crucial. Rental vans, especially the passenger ones, tend to sell more during weekends and holidays because of demand. If you book early, you are likely to get a quality van and at an affordable price. Late booking can result in a lot of inconveniences because you might not get what you want.

Benefits of Renting a Van for Your Trip Over Driving your Vehicle

If you rent the right van, you will enjoy a lot of advantages over going for a road trip using your vehicle. Some of the benefits are:

1. You Get to Save your Vehicle from Wear and Tear

A road trip can be so hard on your car. After the tour, you might incur a lot of expenses changing the oil and doing repairs on the vehicle. But if you decide to use a rental van, after the vacation, the rental agency will take care of their auto while your car will be as you left it.

2. Ample Space

Compared to cars, vans have more space. The ample space allows adequate space for the legs and even bags making the trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

3. Fewer Preparations

When going for a business or road trip, there are a lot of preparations involved, including making reservations and packing. The last thing you want is stressing about car maintenance while doing these preparations. With a van rental, they will handle maintenance while you focus on other developments.

4. You Get to Invite more Friends on the Trip

A car will carry a maximum of five people, and if it’s an SUV, you can carry up to seven, which limits the number of people that can accompany you for the trip. But with a van, up to fifteen people can comfortably sit.

5. You Get to Enjoy a Vehicle in Great Condition

Your vehicle is not used to covering long distances, which means the trip will be hard on your car. You might begin experiencing engine problems that might interfere in the way you enjoy the journey. But for rental vans, they are regularly maintained and can be driven for long hours. By renting a trailer from a reputable rental agency, you will drive confidently, knowing the vehicle is in excellent condition.

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