There is no doubt that road trips are an excellent experience. A well-planned and successful road trip will stay with you for life. You will experience the thrill of hitting the roads and choosing what to eat, your next stop, and where to sleep. There is more to planning for a road trip than just packing. You need to prepare yourself for the long drives and find the right vehicle for the trip. State Van Rental provides spacious and well-maintained vans in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas. Our goal is to ensure you have an enjoyable road trip. Here are tips that can make your road trip successful and enjoyable.

Choose the Right Vehicle

This is perhaps one of the most crucial road trip tips. The ideal type of vehicle will depend on your destination, the people you intend to bring along, and the type of trip. For instance, some destinations may call for a 4-wheel drive vehicle. A majority of people consider van rental an ideal means of travel while going on a road trip. A van will have more space and a greater passenger holding capacity. Passengers experience a sense of comfort and security while riding in a functional van.
Van rentals offer unimaginable benefits. First, there will be no wear and tear on your vehicle. Long road trips could be hard on your vehicle; the longer you drive, the more your vehicle depreciates. By hiring a van, you will avoid putting thousands of miles on your vehicle. It’s like the van takes the beating and ensures that your car will be in the same condition when you get back. A van will also provide more space and make the journey more comfortable and enjoyable. You will not have to feel cramped in your vehicle with the entire luggage. A little space for your bags or extra legroom could make all the difference.
If you choose to travel in your car, you could stress about the pre-trip tune-ups. Hiring a van will take the task of car maintenance from your to-do-list. You do not have to spend time ensuring that your car is in the top driving condition. You can spend this time on other preparations, including parking and making the necessary reservations.

Get Enough Rest

You are not likely to enjoy your road trip if you have a constant feeling of exhaustion. It is advisable to get enough rest even before you set off on the road trip. For the two consecutive nights before the road trip, ensure that you get enough rest. It is advisable to start your road trip in the morning, after a good night’s sleep. At this time, you will feel fresh as opposed to starting a road trip after a long day at work.
When you finally hit the road, it is advisable to ensure that you take some regular breaks along the way. If you have another driver on board, it will not hurt to interchange. When you start feeling a bit drowsy, the other driver can take over while you rest. While on a road trip, you need to stop and behold the scenery on unfamiliar grounds. You could consider stopping after every 100 miles or after every two hours. You could avoid driving in the hot afternoons; at these times, your body temperature is lower, and it is natural to feel drowsy.
Plan your rest stops; experts suggest that you should get out of the vehicle and stretch probably after every two hours. You could plan the rest stops to coincide with the meal times. You could also plan the rest stops at interesting places that will help you experience interesting sceneries.

Carry Some Healthy Snacks

You can still eat healthy while on a road trip. Instead of stopping at the fast-food stops, why not carry your healthy snacks? You can pack some vitamin-packed healthy snacks, which will sustain you through the trip. Specifically, carrots and almonds can help you keep alert while driving. To preserve your snacks, you could carry along a small portable refrigerator if you have ample space in your vehicle. You could also go for non-perishable snacks like dried nuts, which could last for months.
Ensure that you stay hydrated while on the road trip. Ensure that you keep your water supply full to ensure that you have maximum energy. The only downside of consuming too much water is that you will have to make frequent bathroom stops. However, you cannot compare this with the risk of being dehydrated while on a road trip. Dehydration could have a toll on your body and rob you of the excitement of the road trip.
You could consider chewing gum while on the road trip. The repetitive process of chewing gum helps to increase alertness and circulation. You do not have to go for sugary gums to get the desired effect. You may consider going for peppermint-flavored snacks alongside other energizing scents. A sniff of peppermint will offer an instant boost to your energy by reducing fatigue and increasing alertness.

Stay Entertained

You need to stay entertained while on a road trip; music goes well with the open roads. You will have plenty of time to listen to your favorite tunes. Before starting the road trip, ensure that you download your favorite tunes into your smartphone, and do not forget to pack your USB cable. You could also listen to the radio and experience some tunes that you have probably never listened to. It is always good to try some new things; you could end up loving the new tunes.
If you are taking a road trip with your kids, the experience may tend to be a bit bickering. Conflicts and aggravation could lead to fatigue, making you less effective on the roads. Ensure that you keep your children well entertained with their favorite music, puzzles, and books. Feel free to embrace any form of time-killing diversions that may come in handy. You may also engage in interesting road trip games to keep you going.
If you are a book enthusiast, you will have ample time to listen to audiobooks while on a road trip. You can keep your mind active by listening to audiobooks while avoiding dangerous distractions. You could consider listening to comedies and other humorous books.

Take the Road Less Traveled

A road trip is all about experiencing new places and discovering new adventures. What would be the point of going for a trip to experience the familiar things? A thrill comes with taking the road less traveled. As long as the time and the terrain allow, exit from the highways, and experience new areas. Venture into paths that you have never experienced before to get that unmemorable experience. Take a detour; you will have a chance to meet the locals and to see much more. If you see a sign of a weird tourist attraction, follow it; a road trip is all about spontaneity.
If it is possible, eat and stay in the local places. This might be the only chance you will ever get to experience the peculiar settings. Instead of staying in that shiny resort, try out that local motel or B&B down the road. You can always check out various apps to identify accommodation places near you. You might be surprised at what these places have to offer.
Depending on your circumstances, you might even consider camping instead of staying in hotels and motels. With a good rental van with ample space to pack your camping gear, this would be a great option. Camping is an easy, affordable, and a great way of meeting new people. In some campsites, you could even sleep in your car if you have a spacious vehicle.

Have a Loose Plan

It is good to plan for a road trip; however, do not over-complicate the plan. It is important to know that things do not always go your way. Avoid overscheduling your road trip; you are likely to experience lost luggage, delays, traffic, and low fuel, among other things. By keeping your plans simple, you will minimize the disappointments that come with the downsides. You should keep your focus on the experience you are seeking and the memories you will bring home.
If something catches your eye, you should probably try it out. You may never have another opportunity to try out new experiences. Do not ignore even the seemingly small spaces. Ignoring the small details could make you overlook the most rewarding experiences of your road trip without even realizing it. This does not mean that you have to stop everywhere; you should only stop if your guts tell you to.
Avoid setting your expectations and, instead, look forward to the destinations. Identify some anchor stops in your route, including popular landmarks, national parks, and other attractions. Ensure that you dedicate good parts of your days to exploration without following strict schedules. If you plan and expect too much, you will only set yourself up for disappointments. The secret is to approach the road trip with an open mind. With this mindset, you will experience pleasant surprises and delights throughout the trip.

Choose your Travel Mates Wisely

A road trip could build or break a relationship or a friendship. In addition to planning for a road trip, it is important to choose your travel mates wisely. For instance, consider the places you intend to visit; do your travel mates have interests in these places? Will your travel mates have an interest in exploring historical sites or in exploring modern entertainment joints?
A poorly selected companion could leave you thinking of abandoning them in the next gas station. With the wrong companion, you could end up wishing you had not set off on a road trip in the first place.
You should ensure that your travel mate matches your temperament. Imagine being stuck in a vehicle while your GPS breaks, and you can’t read a map? You would not want to be in this situation with an ill-tempered travel mate. Unless you are traveling as a family, it is always good to go for a travel mate who complements your ability. For instance, go for a mate who can speak the local language or read maps if you do not have these capabilities.
Ensure that there is a division of labor among the travel mates to avoid doing all the work and being overwhelmed. Some people are good at reading maps or cooking while others are not. Ensure that you know the capabilities of your travel companions. This will make it easy to share the tasks and ensure that things work out.

Book Ahead

If you are planning to visit popular attractions while on a road trip, it is important to make the bookings early enough, you should note that some tourist attractions sell out months in advance. Identify all the popular attractions you intend to visit and plan your road trip around them. Early bookings also apply to hotels and other popular joints.
If you intend to visit National parks while on the trip, ensure that you get national park passes early enough. In the United States, there are more than 12 main national parks. With a national park pass, you will have access to the national parks and other federal recreation sites in the United States. National parks would be an ideal destination if you intend to ride, hike, drive, or walk in any of the majestic parks. You will have an opportunity to create memories, which will leave a lasting impression in your mind.
Ensure that you understand the rules of the road in advance, especially if you will be driving to a new territory. For instance, in the United States, each state has its own rules. Therefore, if you will be driving to another state, ensure that you understand all the rules to avoid getting into trouble with the authorities. You can always check out the official tourism site of the place you intend to visit. These sites will provide you with driving advice for tourists, which is in line with the local laws.

Download the Right Apps and Carry Useful Items

Loading your smartphone with all the useful maps will ensure that you have the best road trip experience. For instance, you may consider downloading some popular travel apps to offer you some guidelines along the way. If you are going to be passing through different cities, you could download city guides apps in your language. Most apps will come complete with vast local tips and offline maps with no data roaming.
You may opt to work with Google maps or choose to go offline. Many people point out that something is intriguing about working with paper maps. Perhaps you have never thought of using a paper map. Chances are you only see paper maps in your parent’s vehicle or taxis. A road trip provides an ideal opportunity for you to try out a paper map. You would be surprised to learn the usefulness and the convenience of a paper map.
If you intend to use a GPS for your road trip, it would be ideal to buy your GPS instead of hiring one. Buying your GPS is more affordable than hiring a GPS. You will have the opportunity to use GPS regularly, even after the road trip. GPS is ideal for use at home or abroad.

Organize your Expenses

Numerous miscellaneous expenses come on a road trip. For instance, you will have to spend money on gas and snacks. It is imperative to keep a check on your expenses and ensure that you are keeping all expenses on track. You have to split all costs evenly to ensure that you do not run out of cash when you need it most. If you are traveling as a group, you can have one person handle all the purchases. This will make it easy to divide expenses amongst you. When the road trip is over, you will not have to keep reminding your friends that they still owe you some money.

Always have a Backup Plan

While on a road trip, it is inevitable to find yourself dealing with some unexpected occurrences. For instance, you could get caught up in traffic, and this could keep you many hours behind. It is not unusual to get a flat tire while on unfamiliar grounds. At times, you may feel too exhausted to drive. Anything can happen; however, you can avoid ruining your trip by planning earlier. It is imperative to ensure that you have access to roadside assistance to help you get back on the road fast in case of an emergency.
Unexpected delays could leave you searching for a hotel room at night. Ensure that you have apps that can allow you to book hotel rooms at the last minute and start the next morning again.

Be Safe

A road trip should be adventurous and allow you to step out of the norm. However, it is important to ensure that you are always safe even as you venture into the adventure. Avoid speeding or other reckless behavior that could expose you to danger. Even as you choose the road less traveled, and embrace spontaneity, avoid situations that could compromise your safety.

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