Tour van rental

If you’re a touring band, theater group, or other group of performers, you’ve found the tour van rental company that understands your needs.

Are you a member of a traveling group of performers? In all likelihood, you’ve done this before, and you’ve had a mixed bag of positive and negative experiences. At State Van we know the needs of traveling artists such as yourself and we seek to make sure you always have the best possible time on the road, producing the fruit of your artistic talents, and worrying as little as possible about the business of tour van rental. After all, you’ve got more interesting things to worry about.


The first difference between State Van and our competition’s tour van rental is that we’re family owned and operated, and not a faceless corporation. This is an aspect of our company that seems to appeal to performers. Maybe it’s because the paperwork is lighter, or the touring vans’ sales staff works in a low-pressure, easygoing style. Whatever it is, we enjoy knowing that musicians, actors and other performers enjoyed the vans for bands they rented from us.

When you rent from State Van, you’re also ensuring against some of the annoying worries you might expect to encounter on the road. By maintaining our Vans thoroughly thanks to our team of mechanics who specialize in band van rental, we make your trip run more smoothly, with fewer stops, and an unparalleled level of reliability.

Reach out to us via our contact page or call toll free, 1-888-315-6888 for details.