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Rent Van Las Vegas

When you rent a van in Las Vegas, your expectations might be lower than the reality, and at the risk of setting the bar high, why not read this description of a typical experience with State Van? Rent a van in Las Vegas from State Van, and you’re likely to have a similar one.

One customer who needed to rent a van in Las Vegas arrived at the airport with a large number of high school students. These were the boys’ golf team at their local high school, there for a regional tournament. They had a large amount of luggage, including suitcases and golf bags. The problem: Their Las Vegas van rental agency had mistakenly given their last 18 passenger van to a customer with only 15 passengers.

The golf coach called State Van, and found that in short order he was on a shuttle, headed from McCarran field to our Las Vegas State Van location, where an 18 passenger van awaited. Once there he chose to rent one of our GPS units for only $5.99 per day, saying “Why risk getting lost?” As a matter of fact, he reported that the easy on-the-go directions had “saved his skin multiple times.” All the luggage fit in the back of the 18 passenger van, and the golfer were able to get to their first day of tournament play without incident. Van rentals in Las Vegas should always run so smoothly.

When they returned the van, they told us that they hadn’t expected the day to go so smoothly, and that “maybe that sense of relief helped us concentrate.” The golfers won their tournament, and even though it was a bit of a squeeze on the plane, the trophy fit in their passenger van rental in Las Vegas just fine.

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